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Furniture Checkpoints

Here are some additional questions we may ask you in our furniture review, prior to bringing to the store. This ensures we only select the pieces we are most confident in selling for you.


We are looking for: solid, neutral quality brands in current colors.

  • Does it sit firmly / evenly?
  • Any spots, stains, tears or imperfections?
  • Does it have wear in the cover/fabric?
  • Any fading?
  • Maintenance (Steam cleaning needed?)
  • Pet-free environment?
  • Smoke-free environment?

Hardwood Goods

We are looking for: solid wood or painted items relevant to today's design needs.

  • Is it solid, level, & all areas functioning without effort?
  • Is it complete? Leaves, side rails, even # of chairs
  • Is it repair free?
  • Is it from a smoke-free environment?
  • Is it clean?
Some cosmetic distress is not a concern. Email a photo to resalerepublic@gmail.com with the area close up or highlighted. Your piece may be a great candidate for a cash offer where we do the face lift after we buy it direct from you.

Brands we love

New Arrivals